About Me

Hello there!

Hi there!

Thanks for passing by!

This is Cristian Calderon, a former Electronic Engineer following his passion, not a passion for photography, but a passion for capturing portraits of real people, real moments, and if you see my pictures, you can see that I have kind of a gift when it comes to interact with kids, I love that!

I ended up taking family photos just for the satisfaction of giving what I missed myself.

Yeah, shame on me but I don’t have more than 10 pictures to summarize my childhood and all those happy moments spent with my lovely family. So I understand on a very deep level the importance of documenting with photography all that beauty, all those great moments and I want you to have that.

Lets meet at the beach and let me capture those memories for you!

Remember, family is not an important thing, family is everything!

Cancun Photographer
Cristian Calderon Photographer